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For the second year in a row Tallinn City Centre District Administration is organizing a philanthropic campaign urging everyone to donate to Tallinn Children's Hospitals Foundation for the ward of premature babies instead of launching fireworks.

In the Children's Hospital intensive care unit family wards are being built to take care of deeply premature newborns. These wards need conditions where the mother and father have the opportunity to be with babies during their recovery time. The money collected during the charity campaign is used to furnish these necessary family wards.

Our campaign emphasizes that it is safer and more practical to let professionals take care of a firework display. Care about the people and pets living in the vicinity, who are traumatized by the sound effects or even injured by pyrotechnics. Not launching fireworks will also help save the environment, as cleaning up the debris from fireworks is often overlooked. Instead, donate the money you would have spent on pyrotechnics to the Children's Hospital Foundation.

However, you don't have to give up New Year's Eves fire show completely! The City Center District Administration will hold a splendid fireworks show at Freedom Square in Tallinn. We are inviting everyone to come and enjoy the magnificent show and concerts at Freedom Square on New Year's Eve. Just like last year, the area on Freedom Square will be alcohol and rocket free, so the celebration is for the whole family.

If you still can't or don't want to come to the concert at Freedom Square and are not ready to give up fireworks, we will help you choose an area that is adjacent to your home, where you can launch fireworks safely. Our main goal and message is to spare each other and help those in need! Christmas is the best time to spread the message of giving and care.

Let's not make countless fireworks in the city, instead let's ignite sparkles in our hearts!

Tallinn City Central Government administration

Tallinn Children's Hospital Support Fund

The Rescue Board's North Rescue Center


Hopner House

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