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Last Friday is pure art project. Director Danoa Kampe and TTÜ Filmclub joined forces and created a heartbreaking short film, where you'll find apocalyptic horror and motherly tenderness. Film speaks about principles of obligations and responsibility and confrontation of faith and disappointment.


The original soundtrack is composed by Reinis Kampe.
Cast: Aleksander Ots, Nora von B, Adeele Aavasalu
Director: Danoa Kampe
Screenplay: Danoa Kampe
Producer: Danoa Kampe 
Director of photography: Kaupo Kuusemäe   
Sound engineer: Rene Allkivi
Lighting: Aivar Hannolainen
Animation: Hannes Mäeorg and Siimar Kivisild
Art work: Roland Viljat and Tim Suvi
Photofrapher: Thomas Elson
Make-up: Kadri Tarus
Assistant: Akreta Kampe




It's the last day, very last day, which happens to be Friday, Good Friday. What would you do in such situation? Martin Luther once said: "Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree." Through a point of view of one home, the film shows how family members, who carry different life roles, cope with this terrifying reality.


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Successful shootings took place last autumn. As a result we have all the necessary material. We only need last push from you to complete the film and organize screenings. Thanks to you, our supporting friends, the film will reach much larger audience. We are extremely thankful!

Danoa Kampe

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