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New roof for the schoolhouse. Help our school to grow bigger!

Our school is a waldorfschool, which belongs to Rakvere Freeschool Community (which is a nonprofit organisation). The school was funded in 2011 by the parents initiative.

The house we have for a schoolhouse is a log house on the historical Pikk street in Rakvere, Estonia. From the garden side, the house is bordened with Rakvere Vallimägi.

The historic atmosphere creates a special environment for studying.

  All waldorfschools are usually created as the parents initiative.  Besides enthusiasm and brave initiatives, the creation and building of our school has requiered huge amount of labour, time and money.

Today, our school has 6 classes and 55 students. To fit 9 class fulls of  students into our beautiful house, we are starting construction on the second floor of the house.

The biggest part of the project is changing of the roof, after which, the construction can begin, to create new (at the moment, non-existing) classrooms.

Money for the construction of the classrooms is collected from tuition and donations from parents and philantropists.

Why a waldorfschool?

The base of a waldorfpedagogy is antroposophy (in greek: „antropos“ – human, „sophia“- wisdom), which means a humans complete knowledge of thyself.

The founder of waldorfschools and methods is an austrian-german scientist, Rudolf Steiner (1861 – 1925). Startingpoint of the pedagogy is the human approach, which views children as a whole (body, mind, soul) and takes the development and needs of each child into account individually and that  supports the ever developing personality.

The study – environment support co-operation and the children experience it greatly via collective brainstorming and carnage of the parents and the teachers.

Waldorfpedagogy helps the developing youth to see the world as a whole and encourages them to use the power and will from within.

With the money raised, we intend to get a new roof over the schoolhouse and that helps us on the steps of becoming a 9 grade school.

We are grateful for every donation.

Timeframe of the general renovation process:

Summer 2017: Changing of the roof, installing skylights and building a dormer.

Autumn/winter 2017/2018: Re-newing the communications, building two new classrooms to

The second floor.

Autumn 2018: Finishing construction on the second floor, making sure four new classrooms are ready to accomodate students.

Project of our schoolhouse with new added roof, skylights and dormer. Architect of the project is Oliver Alver.

Receiving the thank you presents for your donations is organized via e-mail within two weeks after the due date of the project.

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Successful project

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